Wednesday, April 4, 2007

From Such Great Heights

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written anything in the last week (in fact, even if you did notice I still havent written shit). This is due to grading exams and wanting to throw myself off a bridge water-tower. We don’t really have the type of bridges from which you could successfully kill yourself in Oklahoma. But water-towers are plentiful and tall in the plains. I’m finished grading now and will eventually regain the will to write. Maybe. Sometime.


Mark Heller said...

Just think. You could have graded another exam in the time it took you to write this blog.

Anonymous said...

hi, this is britney from your 10:30 philosophy class and i wanted to know if i could make up the test from last week. i was in dallas for the delta phi's weekend and didn't make it back for the test because i had alcohol poisoning. also, i think i missed the first test and i wanted to know if i could like do some extra credit to make up the points.

blythe said...