Saturday, April 7, 2007

Drinking in West Hollywood

You know 32 different ways to order a Mojito.
You were drinking green apple martinis in the nineties, beyotch.
You drink vodka tonics for the lack of calories only to stop for pizza on your way home.
You did saki-bombs, not beer-bongs, in college.
Your personal Cheers is the Abbey, and everyone really does know your name (or has slept with you and since forgotten your name, if names were ever exchanged, but still people look at you like "how do I know him?").
You’ve actually seen Lindsey Lohan drunk in person, not just on Perez Hilton.
You’ve actually been to an AA meeting with Lindsey Lohan (while she was drunk, and you were probably still a little hung-over yourself).
Fiesta Cantina forties.


blythe said...

you're not in weho anymore.

where's this week's approval matrix?

The Yellow Dart said...

Apparently, you haven't checked my blog AT ALL recently. And're also aware that I check yours every hour to see if you've posted something new. I've got you bookmarked. You're one of only four. You should feel so damn proud.