Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Work, She is Over

Today was my last official day in the Los Angeles office. Following a short sabbatical, I'll move back down to part-time from Oklahoma, where the wind truly does come sweeping down the plains. Now that the nastiness is behind us, blogging shall resume in high fashion. Topics to look out for in the following weeks are:

• Driving 20 hours straight with two dogs
• My students are stupid, here’s why
• Bee-Spot & Mr. Shain do yoga (with pictures)
• Milwaukee and me, a retrospective

Also, thank you for all of your letters and phone calls asking if I was okay. Indeed I am. Also, screw you for not calling.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Blythe

I still got nothing here (see last post). The work situation still keeps me busy about 70 hours a week. If I'm not at work, I'm home drinking alone with my dogs. Sorry this is impacting you, the reader. So, Sunday was Bee-Spot's twenty-sixth birthday and she got loaded, wore a low cut dress, went to trashy bars, and still go no play. Sad for Blythe. However, X-tina (a friend from high school) sent her a power point (download here) with this disturbing picture of me and B-Murph from a debate tournament in Phoenix (I think). Enjoy.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hostile Takeover (of Mr. Shain)

Sorry that *The Life & Times has been content-free for the last couple of days. Things at the offices of *The Life & Times have been a bit busy. And by busy, I mean employees getting sacked, people crying in the bathrooms, directors drinking in their offices, screaming fights on the conference line, profanity, and lastly a hostile takeover. Yes, my company (rather the company that owns me) is being bought-out/purchased/paid-off like a cheap hooker who’s seen too much. Things were accidentally leaked on a call Tuesday morning and it’s been a nonstop riot here ever since. The best part? Oh, did I mention the new owner of my company is 26 years old? Because he is. He’s twenty-six. He’s two months younger than I am. Also, did I note that I am the youngest employee at my firm? Because I’m not anymore. Well, maybe I still am since He is not really an “employee”. I can’t say anymore right now, but if I go missing, you can unravel the clues left in this message to discover the location where they’ve likely dumped my body. Also, I think you people know too much about me already after certain yearbook photos and messages written by Mr. Shain were leaked on the Bee-Spot. We’re not speaking to Blythe right now.