Monday, March 19, 2007

The Barefoot Contessa & Me

This weekend I read a NYT’s article about a Food Channel favorite, Ina Garten. To be quite honest, her wildly successful show, The Barefoot Contessa, irks me. It portrays the food stylings of a middle-aged Hamptonite who throws tea parties and prepares elaborate brunches for her island lady-friends. And there’s the perennial “special Friday dinner” which she prepares for her husband Jeffery when he returns home for the weekend (he works in New Haven if you can imagine!). I always watch hoping the camera will pan down to her feet to confirm her barefootedness and reveal that she’s actually chained to her kitchen. However, this Time’s article pointed out that Garten started her career not with baking scones, but as policy analyst for the Office of Management and Budget during the Carter administration. It turns out that the woman can actually read more than a cookbook. And it made me think, if you can go from white collar State Department analyst to Hampton homemaking guru in a lifetime, where the hell will I end up at fifty? A philosopher-king of some small African fiefdom or bowling alley shoe attendant? It could go either way I guess.

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blythe said...

ina garten is a goddess. take back what you said or we're not going to be friend anymore. and,i already knew that little tidbit about her former life. she also ran her own business for quite some time before using really good olive oil and clean hands to make some of the best food out there. jeffrey went to dartmouth. why do i know these things, but can't change a tire? also, your career path is set. you will be a gymnastics judge at 50.