Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jenna Bush on Ellen: Daddy Time

On Tuesday Jenna Bush, first daughter of the United States, crossed WGA picket lines in Los Angeles to film a guest appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show in order to pimp out her book (or something, I don’t really watch daytime television). Having the daughter of the President cross picket lines pissed off some writers of course, as it should. But what are you going to do about it? Her father could have you killed.

What I found even more disturbing, however, was what happened when Miss Bush unexpectedly called home to talk to her parents during the taping of the show. After negotiating the family assistant who picked up the phone, Jenna was transferred to her mother, Laura Bush. When Jenna asked her mother what she was up to, Mrs. Bush answered, “I’m just sittin’ here with daddy.” Was she referring to the corpse of her dead father Harold Welch? No. She was of course talking about Jenna’s father, George W. Bush. Laura Bush calls her husband, the President, “daddy.” Am I the only one who finds this repugnant? No, because it’s a normative fact. Here are some discussion points for the comments section:

Do you think Mrs. Bush likes to ask for a spanking from “daddy” while making love?

Does President Bush refer to himself in third person as “daddy” during cabinet meetings? E.g. Daddy knows best, etc.

Has the president ever confused himself with Mrs. Bush’s actual biological father?



Michael5000 said...

Tony Blair used to refer to his meetings with the American head of state as "just sittin’ here with daddy," but it eventually cost him his mandate.

The Yellow Dart said...

You DON'T love my blog, you love MOCKING my blog. I hate you.

Also, isn't hyping the indie flavor-of-the-week a little passe for you? I mean, the *LA Times* profiled Ellen Page before your little handjob-for-Juno piece hit the interwebnets. The LA TIMES, Shain. When THEY jump on the trendy bandwagon, it's usually time for you to jump off, isn't it?

As for THIS I got nothing.

blythe said...

i hate him too, yellow dart.

my parents call each other mom and daddy. my brother and i don't even all them that. it's Dr. Benson and mother to us. weird.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Why is nobody highlighting the fact that Jenna Bush wrote a fucking BOOK? Unless it is a paint-by-numers one, or else I am both pissed and depressed.

the slackmistress said...

Also, her father is one of the most powerful people on the planet, but he's just hanging out and chatting on the Ellen show?

Jenna's (I mean the ghostwriter's) book is about AIDS/HIV in Latin America, as no one told her that we've actually got the very same crisis here in the US.

Michael said...

That's a very provocative satellite image of Scandinavia.

Mr. Shain said...

::micheal5k:: oh, i miss the good ol' tony blair days.

::yellow:: i admit, sometimes the LA times gets ideas from my blog. it happens. mark my words though, Juno will get an oscar nod.

::blythe:: that's just vomit.

::[cherry]::i think it was just assumed that the book was written for her in its entirety by a ghost writer.

::slack:: what? we have AIDS here? oh you mean the GAYS and BLACK WOMEN.

::michael:: all my satellite images are provocative.

Clinton said...

I call my girlfriend's cat "Daddy," but that's because her cat made me his bitch. Not sure how that happened, but nonetheless.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Ghostwriter, really? Gee, woulda never figured.
Thanks for killing the joke...

Mr. Shain said...

oh, i'm sorry cherry! i didn't mean to undermine your attempt at a joke. in fairness i don't think i killed it though. i think it was stillborn.