Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day Two: Still No Power

*The Life and Times of Mr. Shain is still without power after 48 hours. The fun has really, truly worn off. The house is quite cold, despite the fire I’ve been stoking non-stop all day. I, along with every piece of clothing I own, smell like Malibu (think about it…). Have any of you ever tried to grade term papers by candlelight? Well it blows, let me tell you. I would have killed myself if I were born in the middle ages (for several reasons, but mainly due to the lack of central heat and air). Oklahoma Gas & Electric issued a statement saying that it could be seven to ten days before power is fully restored to neighborhoods with downed power lines (like mine). As a result, a line of customers trying to buy generators formed at Home Depot and wrapped around the entire building. I did not buy a generator; I was only there to pick up caulk and potting soil (unrelated). However, I may have purchased sweaters for the dogs on the way home. They're argyle.


blythe said...

i'll say it again, you're more than welcome over at my house. dogs and all. mother bee-spot approves. in the meantime, remember all that shit you gave me about wanting to buy a sweater for claire the other day? turd. come visit me at work! we have power and warmth!

blythe said...

notice how everyone hates this post. just saying.

Ms. Caroline, humbly. said...

Need pictures of the dogs in sweaters. Not hating this post, just wishing for pictures of dogs in sweaters.