Thursday, April 19, 2007

With All This Virginia Tech Hype

We've seemingly forgotten what's truly important:

1. Sanjaya got voted off American Idol.
2. Attorney General Gonzalez is still a partisan prick.
3. Britney, how much hair has she re-grown?
4. Bush is still pushing that whole Iraq war thing.
5. Polar bear cub Knut is still cute, still alive.

You were all thinking the same thing you heartless bastards.


blythe said...

i certainly have not.

brit and her dad are in a fight. sangina was on oprah. tom coburn wants gonzales to resign. we've lost the war.

i know all. don't even try.

blythe said...

so, i think moe rocker has stopped reading my blog. what did you say to him?

blythe said...

remember when yo used to blog?