Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Boy Girl Scouts?

Tonight I settled in with a glass of Charles Shaw $2/bottle Merlot and a box of Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies. Yes, I am this classy in real life. Anyway, as I was ripping into the package, I noticed the front of the box, which features some poor troupe of scouts on a ropes course clad in helmets and t-shirts with an array of unnatural colors God certainly never intended—and my honest first thought upon seeing the picture was, “why is there a group of boys on the Girl Scouts box?” Turns out the girls are just in desperate need of eyebrow waxes. See for yourself. I think the lesson here is that prepubescent girls should not be allowed to engage in activities requiring helmets. Or, if helmets are unavoidable, pink shirt embroidered with "I'm a girl!" should be worn. Moms, let's avoid transgender confusion--don't let your daughter do activities clearly designed for boys.


blythe said...

i was in girl scouts. what're you saying? also, i still require a helmet most of the time.

Dan said...

semi-pro philosopher? I got a degree in philosophy and the closest I came to pro was cooking steaks at Applebee's. nice work.